Monday, June 5, 2017

Great Way To Start My Week

WEIGHT:  180 LBS (grunt grunt boo hiss as usual)
B/P: 180/95 (yes on the high side)
(took the meds so don't trip on me yet)
Yes I did my little \dvd workout and had my breakfast for what its all good for to get my 
Monday going.....;)  Most of my day will consist of having my nose in two different book; of course for reading purposes only. One book being 

Now this book I have started over a thousand time, passed on to other people just as much, and really never got to actually sit down and get myself through it. 
(Maybe even grow up a little bit in the process)
Now my goal for the week is to actually START AND FINISH reading the book!!!! Yes I will have a "book report" over the weekend as one of the blogs......"Go Michelle Go Michelle; you can do it you can do it!!!!"   I am even in one of the groups over on FB that is for those  us reading the book (or who have already read it).

The other book I am reading (just to break up the manatany of life) is that of 

I have (and own) several of Ms Telesco's books, but now I can find out (and learn) how to do my "quiet" stuff at home and not get a 3d degree from someone who doesen't understand my pathway outside the "mundane" typical lifestyle of the human race. (I hope I said that correctly without pissing anyone off). But will post some of the recipes out of the cookbook I have of hers.

Other goals of mine for the summer time are:
Updating my portfolio in all aspects
 (including new professional photos & printing it off)

Looking for a new place of employment {full or part-time / sorry Tom} 
for the actual "prep cook" skills that I have and want to grow/learn with.

Finally breaking down and getting my drivers liscense so I can do the above alot better.
{look out mom = am coming after the car soon :) }

Loosing 30 pounds of weight; even if its just water and stubbern fat
(seriously need to get off the meds and such)

Once the above have "fallen into place" the final two major goals are

finding a new place to live
(have until the beginning of August to do such a thing)
Finally find a lifestyle outside of my "comfort zone" that I like and can live with that fits
with my personality (attitude included)

My continual goal would be keeping up with this blog and myself .
 I would love <3 everyones help with this (or at least the ones who are actually reading it) continual goal of mine until I feel its necessary that I feel I have acomplished it.


Billie Jo said...

Love it. I too have several of her books