Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Its Mid-Week Wednesday

Yes today is Wednesday, yahoo!!!

My Tuesday was so out of wack it wasn't funny. Show up to work as usual, not even 10 minutes later here come two managers (owners actually that are waiting for their store to be ready), and I let my "ringleader" know that they were thing I know he has to many people for the lunch rush. I "volunteered" to go home since I knew it was coming. Just to let everyone know, getting rid of me for the rest of my schedule is going to be a hard one (and food costly :>). 

Good thing is, tomorrow is payday.....and am already don't even bother asking for spare change from me cause I don't even have it.  Can't even afford instant coffee right now....

My little weekly "cheat sheet" is more pink than green.........but I know what the problem is
its my motivation to do it. I know how to correct it and such, but its getting one place to another that is the problem. I know I have to "pick up the pace" and get more motivated. I guess I could put out there a goal for a little retreat up north if I can get through the rest of the month til the first payday of August and go visit both of  my uncles and cousin.... <3  Sounds like a game plan; I will get started on that. Would like to see the Grand Canyon again.